Thursday, April 1, 2010

Running Outside For the First Time

Monday’s weather was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to leave work so I could go running outside for the first time. I had been reading on different blogs and running forums that the transition from running on a treadmill to running outside was, for quite a few new runners, unexpectedly difficult. One person said something about the treadmill doing most of the work by moving under our feet, making it easier to run, and running outside we have to do the work of trying to move the earth under our feet. Well, I found out just what he meant!

I ran W1D3 outside in my neighborhood, on the flat concrete sidewalk, and was very surprised at how difficult it was for me. Running on the treadmill felt pretty good and fairly easy. I definitely had a false sense of how well I was doing. I thought I should probably run that particular day of training again on Wednesday.

While running, I listen to a training podcast that a young woman (Suz) created using hip hop music. I couldn’t wait for her cue telling me it was time to walk, and I actually groaned when I was cued to begin running again. I’m sure I went at quite a slower pace than I had been doing on the treadmill (which is pretty slow). This workout definitely made me huff and puff.

After I had completed all eight of the walk/run intervals and the five minute cool down, I walked an extra 10 minutes just to enjoy being outside in the sun and the slightly cool breeze. I did feel it was a good work out, and my lungs felt pretty good after (not immediately after!).

Wednesday, surprisingly, I wasn’t feeling very sore from Monday’s tough run and decided to run W2D1 around the lake by my house. I did the five minute warm-up walking to the lake from home. The trail (concrete walk) I chose to run on had some slightly hilly parts that I had forgotten about and were possibly the equivalent of an incline of three on the treadmill.

I tried not to think about the hills by focusing on the music I was listening to. Half way through the intervals, when a particular song came on, I realized I was running to the training session for W1D3 again! I guess my sub-conscious decided I needed to repeat it after all.

Friday (or possibly Saturday) I’ll really start Week Two of my training.


Anne said...

Great job getting out there!! You'll be amazed at how fast you will progress...keep it up :)

Anne said...

Reframing really does help...I really understand about being afraid of getting worse instead of better if you push too hard. The thing with running with asthma, is that you need to do it often, but not necessarily too hard at first. Make sure you use a heart monitor to guide your speed. That's what helped me the most! I was always going too fast at first...when I learned to slow down and stay in my aerobic zone, I started being able to go longer. Remember that the more often you get out there, the more comfortable you will become. :)
...if ever you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. If you wish, you could email me at

Amy said...

If it feels a lot harder, it's okay to go slower! That will enable you to build up your endurance bit by bit. Good luck!