Monday, February 7, 2011

Volunteering is Invigorating

Yesterday I was a volunteer for the running club I belong to. It was a members only race called the Chiller Challenge, a 2 mile fun run, 1 mile kid run and a USTAF certified 8k. I had volunteered on the 2nd but hadn't heard anything back from the Volunteer Coordinator telling me what my job would be. When I got there he didn't have me on the list, but found a job for me - at the water station!

Luckily I came pretty much prepared with my heavy coat, two pair of gloves, one pair of mittens, an ear band and hat. Unfortunately, I didn't get my snow boots out. All I had on my feet were my regular Reeboks and socks. My feet got cold! So did my face and hands. Once I removed one pair of gloves and put on the mittens, my hands got warm. But it was a little tricky juggling those cups of water in the palm of my hand so the runners could just grab them as they ran by me.

After a while I started doing a bit of a jig, hopping around from one foot to the other trying to get my feet warm. Several of the runners commented that they liked my little 'water dance'! It did help to warm up a bit. Even though the temperature was in the mid twenties at the time, I was at that water station for about an hour and half standing in slushy snow. I was cold -- but I had a great time!

After the race there was a chili feed, medals were awarded and there was a drawing. I didn't win anything from the drawing but had a good time talking and joking with the other members.

On the running side - Last week I ran/walked three days for a weekly total of just over 9 miles. Tonight I ran 2 miles before walking a quarter mile then ran another 1.15 miles. I'm definitely low mileage compared to everyone else, but for me - it's a big deal! All last summer when I was running I didn't bother to really track my mileage. This time around I thought I'd keep track.

Oh yeah, I registered for a 10k on March 12th. It's the Leprechaun Chase and sounds like a blast!


Anne said...

Yay for volunteering! Great job getting back to running. You know if you want to keep track you'd probably enjoy It's kind of like the facebook of athletes and you post your runs. Check it out!

Wow for your 10K! Looking forward to reading all about it.

ajh said...

Yes, yeah for volunteeering. Good luck with the 10K too!