Sunday, February 27, 2011

Keeping Track of my Mileage and a New Form of Cross Trainng.

I've run 4 days this past week. I haven't done that since last fall when I was running every Wednesday with my running group, running a few days a week on my own and running with my sister helping her get into running.

Last Sunday was a nice day in the mid 40's so I was able to run at the lake a slow 3.5 miles. It included having to retrace my steps to find one of my Nike light weight runnng gloves. Even though it was in the 40's, it can be a bit breezy at the lake, expecially running across the dam, which I have to do twice so I started out with gloves and an ear band which I quickly removed. It felt great to be outside. For me running outside is much more diffcult than running on a treadmill but I definitely prefer it.

The rest of my runs were on the treadmill since the weather dipped into the 20's and 30's. Tuesday I ran 3.36, Thursday was 3.55 and Saturday was 3.5. My total for last week was a whopping 13.91 miles! I can hear you all snickering! Most of you run that and more in one day. But I know you're also cheering me on. You know how tough it is as a beginner runner and your words of support and encouragement mean a lot to me and I want to thank all of you for that. Next week I have a goal of 15 miles. I also will start back with my running group next Wednesday.

Today I didn't do much, at least I haven't since 2 this afternoon. Last night all 5 granddaughters spent the night. Their ages are 12, 10, 8, 5 and 2. Five giggling, high-pitched voiced balls of endless energy. They turn the stereo up high, dance and sing to every song, color me endless pictures that I have to put on my fridge, scatter toys, books, colors and pencils up and down the stairs, ride their blankets down the stairs (which I have now forbidden as it leaves lint on the carpet that is difficult to vacuum), bicker over what movie to watch and who is sleeping where.

Last night I managed to get them to bed early - 11:15! The 2 yo wet my bed (no pullups!) and I had to change her and rearrange where we slept. I finally got up a 6:30 for some quiet time - they ALL woke up at 7:00. Today was a flurry of activty until they went home at 2:00. It's always a whirlwind from the time they hit my door until I close the door behind them as they leave. But I love every minute of it.

I think today qualifies as cross training, don't you?

I took a nap this afternoon and this evening I have the academy awards on as I read blogs and drink a well deserved glass of wine. I hope you have a nice relaxing evening too.


Anne said...

That kind of cross-training is the best :)
Great job on running four days...keep it up!!

ajh said...

Do not laugh at your mileage. Glory in it. Think of all the people doing NOTHING and you worked out four days! Woot Woot!