Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day and Goal Setting

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms out in the running blogsphere. I hope you all had a nice day. I had a nice Mother's Day weekend. Yesterday my two daughters and I got a spa pedicure while drinking a white chocolate something-or-other with soy from Scooters Coffeehouse. It was a bit decadent and very good. Today D2 and her family took me to brunch. We went to Le Peep Restaurant. It was packed! They told us we would have a 20 minute wait. After waiting for 40 minutes, I inquired whether they still had our name on their list. They said it would be another 10 minutes. We were seated after waiting (and mostly standing) for 75 minutes! We knew it would actually be longer than 20 minutes, but not 75! And they were still packed with people waiting to be seated when we left.

Well, I have finally set up a running schedule to complete the C25K training program that I started a few months ago. For one reason or another (or no reason at all) I never went further than completing week two before just stopping. Yesterday, I hooked up my Garmin to my computer and scheduled each run on the Training Center software that came with it. I was surprised at how easy it was to set up the training program and download it to my Garmin.

I set up the Training Center to begin with Week 3 Day 1 beginning today and continuing every other day. I know it seems a bit ambitious (for me) but I have a goal to run a 5k sometime around late July or early August. I want to have completed the C25K program and have about a month to build up my endurance and distance. The program trains you to run for time (30 minutes) not distance and I’m not sure that I’ll be running a 5k distance when I complete it.

Today I ran Week 3 Day 1 om the treadmill and feel I did pretty well. The only problem was the Garmin kept beeping at me to go faster, even during the warm up. I kept increasing the speed hoping the beeping would stop (it was quite annoying) until I felt a straining feeling in my right leg. I decided to back off the speed and just tolerate the beeping. I need to figure out if the target speed for each pace zone can be adjusted.

I found a race that I would like to run but it’s being held on July 10th and I’m not sure I’ll be ready by then. I have until Jun 30th to register so I should know by then how I feel I’m progressing. I also asked my daughters to run a 5k with me. They were a bit surprised I’m interested in racing but were very supportive and happy to join me on my first race. I feel more excited and motivated to run now!

Congratulations to everyone that raced today. Especially Anne (Asthma and The Gift of Running)! She ran her first race today – a 10k! She’s such an inspiration!


Anne said...

I'm so excited that you are planning to run a 5K...don't wait too long to register, it'll increase your motivation and keep you focused. Great job setting up your Garmin for the C25K plan!

Thanks so much for the shout out...I had such a great time doing that race :)

Anne said...

Oh...and how cool that your daughters are going to run the 5K with you...that's awesome!