Saturday, March 27, 2010

Testing My Resolve … Pass The Tissues, Please

It feels like someone or something has it in for me, health wise. No sooner than I feel like I’m well enough to begin running and exercising, I come down with another (fill in the blank) cold! I feel like my resolve to become physically active and healthy is being tested.

Last Tuesday, I began having the sniffles but didn’t think much of it and decided to start the running program that evening so I did Week One Day One (W1D1). It actually felt good to do some physical activity and sweat a little! It was pretty easy doing the walk/run intervals for thirty minutes. Of course, I did this on my treadmill. I’m sure if I had run outside it would have been much more difficult.

Anyway, Wednesday morning I work up to a stuffy but very runny nose, feeling very tired, almost exhausted. I just couldn’t believe it. I had just finished the last round of antibiotics a few days ago. But, after thinking about it, I really shouldn’t be surprised. I hadn’t gotten much sleep or eaten very well over the weekend.

I had a family reunion to attend (I wouldn’t have gone but my brother-in-law has cancer and isn’t doing well) that was five hours away. Friday I drove the entire way, stayed in a hotel with my family during the weekend, didn’t sleep very well, was around a million people and their little kids (well, maybe just 60 or 70) and drove the five hours back home Sunday night. Plus, I then had to drive two hours each day for work meetings this week. It’s no wonder I got this cold, my immune system is still trying to recover from the pneumonia and my stamina is pretty low right now.

Well, my resolve hasn’t been that great since Tuesday night, but I didn’t cave in altogether. This morning, in spite of not feeling all that great, I made myself get on that treadmill and did W1D2 a few hours ago and I’m feeling pretty good right now! As long as the bronchitis doesn’t come back, I think I’ll keep on track with this program.

Exercise and good nutrition really are the best medicine.


Anne said...

Hang in there!! You can do this :)
Have a great weekend!

Corey said...

Good luck to you! I loved the C25k program..well, some weeks I hated it.. but I love it now. :) It goes at a great pace and builds such a great foundation for running. You can do it!