Saturday, March 6, 2010

Feeling Healthy and Ready to Begin Again

It has taken a while to feel well enough to get back into my daily activities and to begin my fitness journey to better health. I'm still feeling a bit tired from being sick, not to mention that I had to go to San Antonio (which was pretty chilly!) for a conference earlier this week and experiencing the plane trip from hell (maybe I'll vent about that in another post). But, today I have some energy, the weather today is looking good - some rain this afternoon but a high of 45, woo hoo! and I'm feeling antsy to get outside.

I've decided to spend about a week of walking for 30 minutes before actually getting into the C25K training of running/walking intervals. I was pretty sick this last time and want to be sure I don't get sick again, so I'm going to go at a snail's pace to slowly work my way into it.

Tonight the grandkids (all six of them) are spending the night. I haven't been able to have them around since January 17th because the bronchitis got so bad. That's a long time for me not to see them. I usually try to have them over night twice a month or, at the very least, once during the month. I haven't seen much of anyone outside of work for a few months.

Anyway, now that I'm feeling much better, I'm determined to become more physically active and develop a healthier lifetstyle of exercise and good nutrition. It's currently 40 degrees so I'm headed out the door for a nice 30 minute walk!

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