Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Believe I've Developed a New Habit

And it’s called running! Last July I posted about not being able to make running a habit and not knowing why. I couldn’t imagine that I would ever think of running being important enough to me that I would schedule my other activities around my running schedule. But since I made a goal of running 15 miles a week, that’s just what I’ve noticed I’ve been doing the last two weeks.

Setting a goal and accomplishing it has helped me make running something I now actually look forward to doing. I’ve noticed that, even though I feel exhausted after running, I also feel pretty good. And it’s a great stress reliever!

The last few months have been very busy for me at work, especially the last two weeks. The week before last it got so stressful I started getting headaches and heartburn. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could jump on the treadmill (it was still cold and snowy and yep, I’m a wimp). Last week some of my family came into town unexpectedly. Even though I enjoyed being with them, I made sure I made my 15 miles goal.

My mileage for the last two weeks (I don’t include warm-up or cool-down times)

Week of 3/20:
   Sun     3.85
   Mon   2.59
   Wed   2.25
   Sat     6.50*
   Tot   15.19

*I was going for 7 but my treadmill stopped at 6.5, I don’t know why. I don’t know what the time was because it reset the time, but not the mileage. My treadmill is a Proform. Does anyone know if they have a distance or time limit and if that can be changed?

Week of 3/27:
   Mon    3.13
   Wed    3.04
   Fri       4.01
   Sat      5.26*
   Tot    15.44

*I originally did 4.26 then realized I was .56 short but had to go to dinner at my daughter’s so ran another mile when I got home.

When my lungs get used to the shock of having to work hard at least four days a week, I’ll increase my weekly distance a little. Right now I’m trying to increase my speed very slowly!


Anne said...

Fantastic!!! Sounds like you've crossed to the other side ;) Your lungs will thank you! Keep on keeping on Pat!

ajh said...

You are starting out just the way you should. Keep it up! Yeah.